Welcome to the Delray Beach Club - We're excited that you are interested in joining our oceanfront beach club!


The Delray Beach Club is built on the premise that your enjoyment doesn’t  just stop at the pool or tennis court, it includes a vast and rich social environment for families, couples and singles. To some we are one big family, and to others we are the answer to the eternal question, “What is there to do in Florida?”  Click here to join The Delray Beach Club and learn more about what we offer members. 

To be a member of the Delray Beach Club is to savor the specialness of life with others. It’s that safe port in the storm of everyday existence that makes life more exciting, intellectually challenging and socially superior.


Come visit and find out what life is like in a private oceanfront beach club that heralds the best that life has to offer. Join a bridge or tennis game or enjoy our book club, fitness center or elegant Ocean Room Dining Room. You will make new friends (or bring good friends and relatives) to enjoy this life enhancing experience.


Our goal is to make your time here a rich and diverse experience with the best life has to offer. Lead the life of your dreams and join a club that will make you feel like you’re always on vacation. After joining the Delray Beach Club you will find the impossible is often quite possible. 

We invite you to a peaceful place that marries both Heaven and earth. 


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